Over the years, I have built a large portfolio of bespoke jewellery designs. Bespoke commissions are very welcome. They keep my brain active & improve my practice in a variety of ways.

Perhaps you have an old piece of jewellery that’s no longer your style, and you would like to upcycle into a modern design. Perhaps you have an idea for a very special gift, but you just can’t find it on anywhere! You may be interested in customising a current Little Joy design, perhaps by adding an alternative precious stone, changing the dimensions, or adding a hand engraved message upon it! If so we would love to help you design and create your dream piece.

We would love to share with you a special service we have offered currently, that our client was happy for us to share.
Megan came to visit the studio + showroom to ask for a very special request. She lost her father a few years ago & wanted to utilise some of her father’s ashes within a piece of jewellery she could wear each day and keep close to her heart on her journey. Over the year we have worked with many clients to help produce such designs within lockets and brackets and ring designs. Megan wanted a Ron design. She wanted me to set the ashes behind a stone and for them to remain hidden and not visas through the stone. We looked at a variety of options for designs. Megan admires the SUN ring and WISHBONE style rings so I designed a ring stack incorporating both rings. A champagne diamond took the place of a clear diamond to hide the ashes and also compliment Megan’s beautiful red hair she adopted from her father. The rings are made in white gold with a contrasting yellow gold cup to create a unique twist to her bespoke ring set. A fine milled edging around the diamond adds a little extra sparkle and a gentle planished edge to the wishbone ring also gives a beautiful contrast and sparkle to the set.

The make was photographed to show Megan her father’s ashes being set under the stone and to show her loved ones.
It’s such an honour to make each and every commission, but when I am asked to make something as special as this, it really touches me. A true honour to make for such wonderful young women. A simple timeless design I hope she will enjoy wearing forever on her journey with the knowledge a part of her fathers holding her hand and forever in her heart.

For more information & enquiries please email Lauren @ Little Joy today.