Hello everyone, I am not sure where to start... To say 2020 has thrown us all some obstacles would certainly be an understatement!

I am sending all the love & light I can, to you all. I hope you are keeping well, healthy and safe at home. My huge appreciation goes out to all the key workers out there, keeping our families fed, and well cared for. I cannot express my appreciation for the NHS.

I would like to thank you all for your lovely messages, and genuine concern for Little Joy. As an independent designer, maker, it is for sure my biggest challenge so far in my creative journey keeping things going and staying motivated and calm. My little family and I would like to thank you for your continued support & well wishes, these kind words have really helped my mental wellness & strength in pushing through and not giving up. I have been doing my very best to maintain a creative flow around my family life. It’s now my pleasure to share with you, some exciting news that’s been keeping me focused & I hope it will bring you a little joy!

I have recently connected with the inspirational, Make-up artist, Hair-stylist & Writer, Camilla Hewitt. You may have caught up on our recent collaboration in a shoot with Country & Town House. Camilla is due to launch a new online wellness venture & I am hugely grateful to collaborate with her, designing & making a new collection of jewellery that incorporates healing crystals.
I have been busy researching into crystals from their properties as wearable elements alongside their energies when worn. The collection is focused on the organic crystals leading the designs, combining the Little Joy aesthetic harmoniously to keep you all engaged.

For thousands of years, people have used crystals to attract certain energies as healing tools, to direct and amplify intentions. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital world, there is a growing desire, to reconnect with the natural world. By working organic crystals, into a contemporary jewellery collection, our designs allow the wearer to enjoy their natural beauty, whilst carrying the energy of the stone with them throughout the day.

I would like to share with you the beginnings of this well-curated collection, with the Pink Tourmaline Collective. This Watermelon Tourmaline soothes the heart and calms emotions.

Each piece is unique due to the properties of the natural handcut slices however I have carefully selected pieces that sit within close carat weight & size so they all wear aesthetically the same. These pieces are available to pre-order now, if you would like more information please contact Little Joy here.

I hope you enjoy the new designs, and as normal, feedback is much appreciated at this early stage of the process …. I want to maintain excellence in the journey of this new collection and with viewers and wearers critique this all strengthens the work I produce for you.

Thank you as ever for taking the time to read, I shall share more very soon !!!