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Mara Luna is an holistic lifestyle brand based in the UK.
Created by award winning designer Amarah Alexandra, her aim is to produce products that encourage peaceful and well balanced lifestyles.
All products have been individually handcrafted with care and inspired by spirituality, philosophies and wellbeing.
With a meaningful and sincere approach Mara Luna hopes to make a positive impact on the life of others.

Bring tranquility into your life with Mara Luna’s ‘Lana wax melts’. Inspired by the meaning of Lana which translates to ‘afloat in still waters’ each wax melt has been mindfully made to help you unwind and relax.

Infused with organic lavender petals and enriched with the aroma’s of bergamot, lavender, mandarin and patchouli. Each wax melt releases a gentle trail of soft florals and sweet undertones with a hint of spice.

All sets have been carefully considered and handmade by Mara Luna, offering you a luxurious and bespoke experience in hopes that in return it will enrich your life with indulgence and serenity.

Each pack contains 6 moon shaped wax melts infused with organic petals. To get the most out of your wax melts it is recommended that you snap each one in half and burn half at a time. As they are highly fragranced each wax melt will fill your room with aroma. Enjoy up to 20 hours of fragrance with each pack.