In harmonious balance with the Little Joy aesthetics, that the WELL CURATED team adore, we have designed and handcrafted a collection of crystal jewellery that harnesses the power and enduring strength of nature.

Combining carefully selected one of a kind stones with a range of bracelet, necklace & earring designs, you can choose your own hand-cut crystal that speaks to you. Each unique crystal is numbered, and each design, simply select & build your own bespoke piece.

The ethos behind this project is combined with the current global Covid-19 crisis. We have developed the collection around healing crystals that will help with our intentions to have a healthy mind and body post lockdown. Now is the time to rebalance and reconnect with ourselves, ready to return to our faster pace lives with the confidence and power to move forward.

Pink Tourmaline

Together we have hand selected a beautiful range of pink tourmalines, consciously sourced and fair mined in Brazil. They have been hand cut in the UK & America, before reaching the Little Joy studio on the Isle of Wight. Each fine fragment and slice displays a beautiful range of soothing pastel colours. Pink tourmaline calms & soothes the heart, especially when dealing with anxiety. As well as being an aphrodisiac, pink tourmaline encourage feelings of safety in love, which in turn instills confidence. It brings compassion & wisdom when dealing with others, and also promotes flexibility of thought.

Choose your bespoke Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline is thought to attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance & prosperity.

Our designs are a helpful aid in balancing chakras. When worn, the carefully thought designs place the tourmaline in significant areas of the body to release tensions and remove any emotional blockages. The Paraiba Pink Tourmaline slices are also nicknamed the “Rainbow Gem” in Brazil, which we felt in keeping with the current Covid-19 crisis as the rainbow has been a significant emblem of hope, shown by neighbours & communities, spreading joy & compassion to those suffering, and in thanks to the key workers and NHS for their incredible work.