Here at Little Joy, I am in the middle of my busiest wedding season to date! As I approach my 8th anniversary of Business, I have spent time this week reflecting on some of my wonderful experiences & the achievements I have made alongside growing two humans in my belly it’s no wonder I feel so tired but it’s been so worth it! I took the time to look through my portfolio, to see a visual improvement in practice and recognising the style that’s grown organically as I have developed.

I would like to introduce you to two rings I am really passionate about this season that has proved most popular. Each piece I design is made to fit the last so you can pretty much buy any piece of little joy and it shall compliment another in my collection. I wanted to develop a wedding ring set that was equally beautiful worn alone or as a composition. The PEAR ring is available in Yellow, White, Rose Gold & Platinum. All 9ct & 18ct Golds are Fairtrade Gold.

The PEAR cut diamond is a beautiful cut alternative to a round cut diamond, this piece sits beautifully alone or apart of a set. Perfect for an engagement ring or that extra special gift. 1.5mm round gauge ring shank tapers toward stone to knife edge point 1.1mm
3 claw set Pear Diamond. SI1 E colour 50pt 0.50ct Pear Cut Diamond ~ Conflict Free Diamond * mined in Australia

The DIAMOND ARC Ring was designed as a wedding band but has also proved popular as a special treat ring for many who want a complimentary ring stacker. I designed the Arc to harmoniously sit with a multitude of universal rings. You can also choose from Champagne Rose cut diamonds or brilliant cut clear clarity diamonds. I have mixed diamonds in the photo attached and pushing these boundaries has opened many eyes. I have mixed diamond cut within a set of jewellery for years and although traditionally frowned upon as you can see the subtlety in the delicate shades compliment one another very well.

The Diamond Arc is the perfect composition with a round/pear cut stone sat within. * works well with our SUN engagement ring, DARLING Rose Cut Ring, or PEAR diamond Ring. Available:
Rose Cut Diamonds * as shown in the photograph
Colour – Champagne
VS1 clarity colour E
Carat 0.11ct each
( approx 2.3mm ) or Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Colour – E-F
VS1 clarity
Carat 0.11ct each
(Approx 2.3mm )
The ring is 1.5mm round gauge. 5 x 2.3mm Rub Over set stones, 0.11ct each.

I feel at this point of my journey with Little Joy the design ideas are in full flow! The possibilities are endless and I am totally dedicated to my practice more now than ever. I am so excited to share with you more wedding rings designs I am working upon alongside my bespoke commissions. I aim to add a bespoke portfolio to my website to give clients more insight into my daily making challenges! For now, remember you can follow me on a daily basis upon Instagram @littlejoyjeweller.
Thank you all for your ongoing support & many congratulations to my couples, your trust in me is so humbling and each and every order is a complete honour. Lauren – Design / Maker / Goldsmith


Over the years, I have built a large portfolio of bespoke jewellery designs. Bespoke commissions are very welcome. They keep my brain active & improve my practice in a variety of ways.

Perhaps you have an old piece of jewellery that’s no longer your style, and you would like to upcycle into a modern design. Perhaps you have an idea for a very special gift, but you just can’t find it on anywhere! You may be interested in customising a current Little Joy design, perhaps by adding an alternative precious stone, changing the dimensions, or adding a hand engraved message upon it! If so we would love to help you design and create your dream piece.

We would love to share with you a special service we have offered currently, that our client was happy for us to share.
Megan came to visit the studio + showroom to ask for a very special request. She lost her father a few years ago & wanted to utilise some of her father’s ashes within a piece of jewellery she could wear each day and keep close to her heart on her journey. Over the year we have worked with many clients to help produce such designs within lockets and brackets and ring designs. Megan wanted a Ron design. She wanted me to set the ashes behind a stone and for them to remain hidden and not visas through the stone. We looked at a variety of options for designs. Megan admires the SUN ring and WISHBONE style rings so I designed a ring stack incorporating both rings. A champagne diamond took the place of a clear diamond to hide the ashes and also compliment Megan’s beautiful red hair she adopted from her father. The rings are made in white gold with a contrasting yellow gold cup to create a unique twist to her bespoke ring set. A fine milled edging around the diamond adds a little extra sparkle and a gentle planished edge to the wishbone ring also gives a beautiful contrast and sparkle to the set.

The make was photographed to show Megan her father’s ashes being set under the stone and to show her loved ones.
It’s such an honour to make each and every commission, but when I am asked to make something as special as this, it really touches me. A true honour to make for such wonderful young women. A simple timeless design I hope she will enjoy wearing forever on her journey with the knowledge a part of her fathers holding her hand and forever in her heart.

For more information & enquiries please email Lauren @ Little Joy today.


Little Joy has started the year with a huge response to our bespoke jewellery selections! We can’t thank you enough for choosing us to make your jewellery. We have been working alongside Provenance to help tell our story and provide an easy platform for you to find out about the journey of your jewellery from gold mine to Benchpeg. We shall be sharing our provenance journey later this month via links in each product section of the pieces you are interested in purchasing.

We have been working on a new set of layering necklace with hand engraved illustrations and beautiful stones, perfect for Every occasion & each piece is available for your customisation. * There’s still time to order for your Mother’s Day gifts!

Wedding season is suddenly approaching & the diary is filling up with beautiful commissions for the whole wedding package. If you would like to book a consultation with Little Joy, in the studio, via Skype or telephone conversation you can email Little Joy today. From Engagement Rings to wedding bands to precious gifts for the family.

We have a new collection about to be introduced to our range that we are super excited about! The collection consists of 2 ring designs that can be adapted with your own choice of precious stones! Choose the Carat, Colours, Cuts & Clarity of your own stones in the studio + showroom!!

We have also been busy meeting new stockists & we introduced Mamoq to our family & they are currently working on our online shop to be launched by the end of March! Mamoq support independents and companies such as ourselves who have a strong ethos in the provenance of our makes. Making sure your confidence in purchasing ethically mindful fashion can be assured, through their carefully curated selection.

We shall continue to blog at regular intervals to keep you updated on new stockists and shows we shall be attending around the UK & overseas this year. You can also follow us on Instagram @littlejoyjeweller for daily insights of our studio day!


This week I am hosting my 4th SHOP small POP UP SHOP in my new studio @ The Ark!
Shop Small Pop UP shop’ supports Independent Artists, Designers  & Makers, from the UK & Overseas.

The current shifting economic climate has placed pressure upon Artists & Makers. This financial uncertainty coupled with the stresses of managing commitments can cast a strong impact on passion, and creativity. ‘Shop Small’ is here to celebrate those who support handmade goods and those whom responsibly source objects/products alongside those who create them!

For one week only, Shop small takes the concept of a minimal pop-up shop and aims to provide a high-end showcase of exceptional talent all within the harbourside studio & showroom of Little Joy jewellery, Bembridge, Isle Of Wight, UK.

OPEN 8th-15th December (not open Sundays) 10am-4pm @ Little Joy Studio, studio 3a The Ark, Embankment Road, Bembridge, Isle Of Wight, PO35 5NR, UK.   **Online shop open until 7 pm on the 15th December.

KIN // New Collection

Each year, wedding seasons are growing and growing, and we are so proud to announce that this year's has been our busiest so far! We are already taking bookings for weddings in 2020. Our portfolio is continuously growing and our skills are just getting stronger.

I want to thank each and everyone who has ordered from Little Joy Jewellery that has helped us raise awareness of our small creative business. Producing bespoke wedding jewellery from rings to unique gifts is such a privilege as a designer and maker. Our new collection, KIN is a harmonious addition to our Little Joy range. Inspired by a combination of previous designs and encouraging new ways to relate the pieces to the body. The KINDRED necklace can be worn front and back of the body & can be customised with addition of diamonds or engraving. Perfect for a special backless wedding dress and then an ongoing wearable piece of jewellery that can be worn on the front for alternative occasions.

DIAMOND REED earrings are our luxury addition to our precious minimals range. Diamonds are set flush in each side of the earrings giving understated sparkle to one of our best seeking earring designs. Each element of our KIN range is made to order. Designed with weddings in mind, however these timeless designs  are versatile and can be worn from wedding day to beyond.


Photos were modelled & captured by Timi Eross & Tom Smith * Full Collection now available on


Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence ! Hopefully, this blog post will explain why I have been quiet! Truth is I have been channelling all my energy into Fresh designs & an ongoing dream to build the perfect website to tell my story.

I met a wonderful lady who photographed my two little boys on a nature walk a few months ago . Timi Eross (photographer) a Hungarian Woman now living on the Isle Of Wight , UK,  explained her background in marketing and working with businesses to build personal and professional web presence. I approached Timi after the family shoot, to take a look at my website, and perhaps offer any solutions to telling my story effectively. I feel the minimal store however aesthetically fits a purpose doesn’t explain my full services & ethical ethos.

In  2011, I founded Little Joy Jewellery , here on the Isle Of Wight , where I came to set up home with my partner, after years of a long distance relationship whilst studying in Birmingham , Jewellery Quarter, UK and my partner travelling with his musical career.

Since 2011, we welcomed 2 little boys to the world and continued to work on or creative passions . Each step of building a business has been scary but exhilarating. Not only developing my practice as a maker , but learning how to become a business woman . Its a continual learning curve to this day! However realising my strengths has been a factor , until now I hadn’t sat down and reflected upon. This website will not only freshen up my image as a business and reach a wider audience but help envisage my story .

The journey i have taken to get here , and finally feeling brave enough to fully share and understand myself & my businesses potential and path.


As part of Fashion Revolution week. I would like to share with you a bespoke commission I completed for @ethical_londoner. A wonderful returning client, who's dedication to sourced ethical brands I admire.

This Necklace & Earring set were handmade from a family heirloom. The Original pendant as shown was very much loved, however unworn, as aesthetically it no longer suited the current owners style choice. We discussed what pieces of jewellery she likes to adorn and in what context. Whether it be  a special piece for a suited occasion or something that can be worn on a daily basis. My focus throughout my design capacity is to treat each bespoke piece as a design to suit the individual & cater for how to piece relates to the body . My clients see, to be drawn to me for my fine jewellery skills & producing fine work with concentration on it’s longevity.
In this instance I designed a pair of Pearl Studs & necklace to be worn on a daily basis with comfort and elegance.

The Beautiful fine chain I felt should be un-touched. I removed the stones very carefully and selected with care.   I felt leaving some of the original figurative work would suit, so I added a section to the back section of the chain. Once the Emerald was taken from its original set and cleaned up it appeared beautifully pale and bright. The pear drop design emphasises the stone.

The earrings made from simple fair trade Gold claw settings modelled here by the clients with her fair trade Gold wishbone ring .

Testimonial @ethical_londoner

“This necklace is a special one. Its handmade from heirloom pearls (by the clasp),an Emerald & fair trade Gold.
Reasons to buy ethical jewellery
ONE its totally unique. No one else has this necklace, the emerald is pale & gleams in the sun, each pearl is slightly different and they belonged to my grandma.
TWO on that note, bespoke meant I could take an heirloom piece that I was unlikely to wear and turn it into something I treasure as much as my grandma treasured the necklace they came from.
THREE #suportsmall buying from Lauren means I am directly supporting her livelihood, business & her family, rather than feeding my money to a corporate giant.
FOUR #fairtradegold This means that instead of exploitation, the people that mined this gold are invested in , kept safe from dangerous practices and can build their own livelihood in the process.
FIVE its beautiful but more that that , I’m not just wearing something that expresses my style, but I am wearing my values”.

I would like the thank ethical_londoner for sharing her experience with Little Joy Jewellery & if you should wish to read more about my ethos behind my brand, then you can follow to attached link below, and read a recent interview by Fashion Revolution via Gather & See ( Little Joy Stockist based in UK)


This month I was kindly invited once again to take part in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge via Instagram , curated by Ilustrator, Joanne Hawker.

Makers taking part are given a list of prompts to help fulfil a day to day blog via Instagram throughout the whole of March.

I find it a really interesting experiment , to firstly keep up with the challenge around my day to day goings on , but also to take a step back, and reflect on what i am doing, why i am doing it and how much i have achieved. Reflecting as a designer / maker is crucial to developing any practice.

I have tried to be as honest as i can possibly be with the challenge, for myself more than anything.Its been acting like a personal journal.  I have also recognised that telling my story appeals to an audience and gives reality and truth to my work. I  have also started meeting new makers,  and greeting  new followers! If you haven’t already heard of the challenge then you still have time to catch up over on Instagram,  @littlejoyjeweller.


Red (ROSE) Gold has made a huge come back in the fashion sector . The majority of my engagement / wedding bands that have been commissioned all want to include Rose Gold within their aethetics.

This made me reflect on my own Little Joy collection, and realise that the majority of my wears are only optional in yellow or white Gold so i decided to make some changes this year. This is so far my best selling wedding stack . Available in 1.2mm -2mm gauge and diamonds from 0.10pt – 1 ct this design looks beautiful in each size and the complimentary composition of the open eternity diamond ring can also be changed to suit your required composition.

This is a triangle cut diamond , approx 3mm on a 1.2mm gauge ring shank. The open eternity also in 1.2mm, slightly planished with 2x 1.6mm brilliant cut diamonds.


 Beautiful photo shoot with the most talented Tanya Goodwin , introducing a few little Golden delights to put a spring into your step!
Fair trade Gold & Champagne Diamonds are in this seasons jewellery displays. The pure simple colours Gold have to bring speak their own words....

I have learnt that wearer’s have become comfortable with wearing a mixtures of golden variety’s. Rose Gold has made a huge come back in the fashion sector. The Champagne Diamond also has excelled in the fashion sector and i have used many in the past within a variety of elements and bespoke pieces , i thought why not bring them along to the Little Joy collective.
Layered Necklaces ,  uniquely shaped rings & a very special pair of earrings are on the way to the online shop ….. Here are a few sneaky shots of the new season to come ! I hope you enjoy viewing them and more importantly wearing them !