Our Friends

We love supporting and collaborating with talented local businesses.

Here's a collection of our favourite people & brands who we're confident to recommend to you.


Sjaelv was born out of the desire to create minimal and timeless leather goods that withstand the test of wear and time. All of their bags and accessories stand for clarity in design and the beauty of untreated, natural leather.


They are passionate about sourcing responsible and believe in thoughtful purchasing. All of their leather goods are entirely designed, hand-cut and lovingly handcrafted in their small studio in Hamburg, Germany.


They believe in creating beautiful and sustainably made products that are made to last. All of their designs meant to be minimal and functional through time and not just for one season. They are all about quality over quantity and put all their efforts into sustainable material sourcing and ethical manufacturing. All of their bags are made of really pure and natural, vegetable-tanned leather from Europe which will get better and better with time and wear.

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In early 2014, Tom stumbled across spoon carving, and it quickly became an obsession. The ability to create something that was both beautiful, and purposeful was a big attraction. It allowed him to put all of his creative skills together to design an object that could bring others joy in many ways.


The idea for Thorne and Anchor was born soon after. When he got married, he moved into a wooden hut by the beach at Thorness Bay on the Isle of Wight.


Stripped of mod-cons such as running water and electricity, this organic simple way of living was a really positive experience and helped him appreciate the little things in life that are easy to take for granted. This was the perfect environment to really explore the art of spoon carving.

Each item he makes is loving hard carved from reclaimed timber, this reflects his belief that we should be accountable for everything we buy or source and respect it.

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Roake designs womenswear for fellow advocates of modern craft, whose loyalties lie within quality workmanship and traceability.


Their womenswear pieces are minimal and clean: Designed to be worn and loved, from day through to night. They truly believe that fashion is forever and that the clothes we wear should be designed for versatility, and manufactured ethically and sustainably to support longevity.


From the field to their cutting table and on to production, they make it their business to track the origins of materials, and to deliver a luxury product to love for a lifetime.

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Hand poured Soy candles made on the Isle Of Wight, UK by Jenny Bull.

Derived from the soya bean, soy wax comes from a 100% renewable and sustainable source.


Cleaner Burning
Soy wax, unlike paraffin wax found in most candles, contains no toxins, carcinogens, or allergens. So, is less likely to trigger allergies, is pet friendly and there is no release of carbon soot.


Longer Lasting
Soy wax burns at a lower temperature, generally lasting 30-50% longer than a paraffin wax candle.


Cleans up easily with soap and water.


Natural Wicks
Pure Wight Soy Candles only use natural cotton and paper wicks too, with no added dyes, making Pure Wight Soy Candles the organic choice.

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Byron & Gomez is a partnership of designer makers dedicated to creating beautiful handcrafted furniture from their workshop in Somerset. They have a love of contemporary design and a passion for traditional craft. Their training as cabinet makers instilled in them a meticulous attention to detail which is evident in both the design and execution of their work. Through the use of high quality materials and their commitment to a simple harmony of form and function they create furniture that is bold yet understated.


Working in collaboration with Little Joy Jewellery, they design and make exclusive ring boxes utilising offcuts from their furniture designs.

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Enni is based in the South of England, on the Isle of Wight, where she makes clay objects by hand, using the coil method. Her pieces have a raw clay finish, as she enjoys the natural palette the clay itself provides. The finished pieces are functional, she only works with stoneware clays which are fired to high temperatures, making them water tight.


Bembridge Flowers' little shop is located in the heart of the seaside village of Bembridge, overflowing with an abundance of flowers, foliages and plants; they love nothing more than to create natural and wild arrangements that sing of the seasons.

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Modern Calligrapher, Workshop tutor, chalkboard & lettering artist based in Hampshire, UK.

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The shop is bursting with a riot of colourful blooms and armfuls of green foliage, carefully curated by Nic Lovegrove.


Nic's influences have evolved over her twenty years as a professional florist. She’s constantly inspired by different plants and patterning so that every piece she designs is unique.


Nic, together with her equally curious and creative team, will work with your ideas to create stylish designs for every occasion.


Whether you’re looking for a floral theme to bring that extra pop of colour to your wedding flowers on the Isle of Wight, a beautiful bouquet for a birthday, a special wreath to honour a loved one, or a distinctive corporate display, they can help.

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Anu Natural Beauty is a calming place that celebrates holistic beauty and wellness – arriving at the salon feels like a walk by the sea.


Based in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight, Anu was founded by Katie Coleman in 2005. She leads a team of warm and caring beauty and massage experts.


In today’s busy and hectic world, it is important to take a moment to pause, at Anu we encourage you to relax, unwind and take time for you…

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By creative photography couple Timi & Tom.


Focused on the essence of beauty and capturing feeling. They shoot everything, from lifestyle and commercial, to family and weddings.


Bamboo Shoots is based in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight, but working across Europe and beyond.


They've been collaborating with Little Joy over the past few years, always providing fresh brand imagery.

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Among the flowers has been a transformation of the creators's lifestyle, years in the making.

Her greatest inspiration in life is drawn from the beauty of completely wild spaces.

Each creation is drawn from a feeling, a vision and then actualized through a completely natural blending of botanicals. From aromatherapeutic benefits, to the vivid colors found in seed oils and dried flowers, to the simplicity of each label - her team strive to deliver an enhanced ritual of positive, reflective, generative beauty.

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The Cristalline is a multi-faceted lifestyle service to help you create balanced energy within all aspects of your life.

For the individual, our resident crystal expert works one on one or in private groups to show you how to balance the energetic body through the use of crystals. These are powerful aids in creating a balanced mind and body and their use in healing goes far back to ancient times. Most simply they can aid in meditation, but their magic lies much deeper. Whether the need is to calm and relax, to energize and ignite ideas or to heal old wounds, crystals can help to open up the pathways to lead you to greater achievements and an overall stronger sense of self.

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The Cristalline


Studio Carta, established in 2004 in USA, is an internationally recognized design studio specializing in custom ribbons, unique accessories and fine stationery exclusively made in Italy. It is the vision of a bookmaker and designer Angela Liguori, herself originally from Rome, who now makes her home in Massachusetts, Boston Area. As the exclusive US importer of 100% cotton ribbons from Italy, Angela works directly with manufactured who have been using the same materials and practices since the 19th century. Studio Carta has recently expanded their line of manufactured goods from Italy to include specialty office supplies, notions and desk accessories. Studio Carta also collaborates with other designers, calligraphers, and printmakers to create original letterpress stationery and other personalized products.

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Mara Luna is an holistic lifestyle brand based in the UK. Created by award winning designer Amarah Alexandra, her aim is to produce products that encourage peaceful and well balanced lifestyles. All products have been individually handcrafted with care and inspired by spirituality, philosophies and wellbeing. With a meaningful and sincere approach Mara Luna hopes to make a positive impact on the life of others.

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Parigotte believes in life changing experiences aligned with the body, mind and spirit. Positive change comes in harmony with the wisdom of Nature and through Plants. Our call is to return to simplicity, to reconnect with Nature.Each product is pure nature.

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Hollie Cooper is a designer-maker based in the North West of England, specialising in hand crafted functional ceramics. She has a strong passion for creating expression through homewares and interiors, strongly believing that your own home should be your haven – and everything inside should be that in which you’re proud of. After all, who wants something that every body else already has?
Working with varied range of processes and techniques, she creates homeware pieces with the aim to enhance interiors and give them their own unique flair – whether this is through lighting, tableware or decorative pieces.

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Fairtrade Foundation registered jeweller. Valid 2015.

Building a secure future for miners, their families and communities.

Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/gold for more information.