Deck of 52, self-love mantra cards.

How you choose to talk to yourself can have a dramatic effect on how you feel about yourself and your mental health. Do you talk to yourself with kindness and love, or do you find yourself stuck in a negative space, constantly criticising yourself, your body, or parts of your life?.

I used to find it impossible to list anything I liked about myself, constantly putting myself down & feeling like I would never be enough. I learnt firsthand about the power of positive mantras & how taking time to talk to myself with kindness, was a life-changing medicine for me, helping reduce my negative mindset & bring some much-needed self-love & self-acceptance into my life.

In this deck, you will find my mantras that have helped me, with each mantra designed to help empower & remind you that you can get through whatever life throws at you. teaching you a new way of talking to yourself, radiating compassion, strength & self-love. whatever negative feelings you might be facing right now, I promise you won’t be battling those negative feelings forever.

By Lovaine – James

10% of all sales will be donated to the charity young minds, who teach the importance of self-esteem, providing training to schools, and give mental health support to children and young adults.

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