Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence ! Hopefully, this blog post will explain why I have been quiet! Truth is I have been channelling all my energy into Fresh designs & an ongoing dream to build the perfect website to tell my story.

I met a wonderful lady who photographed my two little boys on a nature walk a few months ago . Timi Eross (photographer) a Hungarian Woman now living on the Isle Of Wight , UK,  explained her background in marketing and working with businesses to build personal and professional web presence. I approached Timi after the family shoot, to take a look at my website, and perhaps offer any solutions to telling my story effectively. I feel the minimal store however aesthetically fits a purpose doesn’t explain my full services & ethical ethos.

In  2011, I founded Little Joy Jewellery , here on the Isle Of Wight , where I came to set up home with my partner, after years of a long distance relationship whilst studying in Birmingham , Jewellery Quarter, UK and my partner travelling with his musical career.

Since 2011, we welcomed 2 little boys to the world and continued to work on or creative passions . Each step of building a business has been scary but exhilarating. Not only developing my practice as a maker , but learning how to become a business woman . Its a continual learning curve to this day! However realising my strengths has been a factor , until now I hadn’t sat down and reflected upon. This website will not only freshen up my image as a business and reach a wider audience but help envisage my story .

The journey i have taken to get here , and finally feeling brave enough to fully share and understand myself & my businesses potential and path.


As part of Fashion Revolution week. I would like to share with you a bespoke commission I completed for @ethical_londoner. A wonderful returning client, who's dedication to sourced ethical brands I admire.

This Necklace & Earring set were handmade from a family heirloom. The Original pendant as shown was very much loved, however unworn, as aesthetically it no longer suited the current owners style choice. We discussed what pieces of jewellery she likes to adorn and in what context. Whether it be  a special piece for a suited occasion or something that can be worn on a daily basis. My focus throughout my design capacity is to treat each bespoke piece as a design to suit the individual & cater for how to piece relates to the body . My clients see, to be drawn to me for my fine jewellery skills & producing fine work with concentration on it’s longevity.
In this instance I designed a pair of Pearl Studs & necklace to be worn on a daily basis with comfort and elegance.

The Beautiful fine chain I felt should be un-touched. I removed the stones very carefully and selected with care.   I felt leaving some of the original figurative work would suit, so I added a section to the back section of the chain. Once the Emerald was taken from its original set and cleaned up it appeared beautifully pale and bright. The pear drop design emphasises the stone.

The earrings made from simple fair trade Gold claw settings modelled here by the clients with her fair trade Gold wishbone ring .

Testimonial @ethical_londoner

“This necklace is a special one. Its handmade from heirloom pearls (by the clasp),an Emerald & fair trade Gold.
Reasons to buy ethical jewellery
ONE its totally unique. No one else has this necklace, the emerald is pale & gleams in the sun, each pearl is slightly different and they belonged to my grandma.
TWO on that note, bespoke meant I could take an heirloom piece that I was unlikely to wear and turn it into something I treasure as much as my grandma treasured the necklace they came from.
THREE #suportsmall buying from Lauren means I am directly supporting her livelihood, business & her family, rather than feeding my money to a corporate giant.
FOUR #fairtradegold This means that instead of exploitation, the people that mined this gold are invested in , kept safe from dangerous practices and can build their own livelihood in the process.
FIVE its beautiful but more that that , I’m not just wearing something that expresses my style, but I am wearing my values”.

I would like the thank ethical_londoner for sharing her experience with Little Joy Jewellery & if you should wish to read more about my ethos behind my brand, then you can follow to attached link below, and read a recent interview by Fashion Revolution via Gather & See ( Little Joy Stockist based in UK)


This month I was kindly invited once again to take part in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge via Instagram , curated by Ilustrator, Joanne Hawker.

Makers taking part are given a list of prompts to help fulfil a day to day blog via Instagram throughout the whole of March.

I find it a really interesting experiment , to firstly keep up with the challenge around my day to day goings on , but also to take a step back, and reflect on what i am doing, why i am doing it and how much i have achieved. Reflecting as a designer / maker is crucial to developing any practice.

I have tried to be as honest as i can possibly be with the challenge, for myself more than anything.Its been acting like a personal journal.  I have also recognised that telling my story appeals to an audience and gives reality and truth to my work. I  have also started meeting new makers,  and greeting  new followers! If you haven’t already heard of the challenge then you still have time to catch up over on Instagram,  @littlejoyjeweller.